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From 15 July, a temporary external reporting point for undesirable behaviour will be made available.

The external reporting point will be available alongside existing channels, The reporting point will be administered by an external organisation with experience and expertise in this field, CAOP, which manages several important reporting points and advises and supports organisations.

How will the external reporting point for undesirable behaviour work?

Complaints arriving through this external reporting point will be forwarded to the UvA and registered and monitored by CAOP. CAOP will ensure that the reports are investigated and processed by the UvA. The external reporting point will remain available until at least 1 January 2021.

Reporting back

Periodically, a report will be drawn up on the number and type of complaints of undesirable behaviour being made to the external reporting point, and the actions taken to investigate these reports. This overview report cannot be traced back to individuals. Together with recommendations arising from inventories from current research, this report will be used to make structural improvements and strengthen social safety at the UvA.

Why an external reporting point?

The UvA wants to devote extra attention to the proper handling of reports of undesirable behaviour. ‘We think it is very important that everyone can trust that any reports of undesirable behaviour are taken seriously and investigated. For staff and students for whom the existing facilities do not offer a solution currently, we are setting up this additional reporting point for reporting undesirable behaviour. By so doing, we are simultaneously investigating how many and what types of reports are involved, in addition to ongoing studies being carried out. This will give us a complete picture from various angles, from which we will continue to build an integrated approach to recognising, discussing and preventing undesirable behaviour. Social safety must be a core value in the working and study environment of the UvA,’ said the Executive Board President Geert ten Dam.