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The determination of the Student Council election results, which was scheduled to take place on Friday, June 19, has been postponed until an investigation into the reliability of the results has been completed. This was decided today by the Central Voting Office.

The decision arose following publication of an article in Folia on June 16 about the online voting software WebElect, which was used in the 2020 Student Council elections. Apparently it was possible for example to forward the unique WebElect link to someone else, and to access others' accounts using a script. A technical test conducted by the UvA has shown that Folia's findings are correct. Whether this was actually done, with false votes being cast  as a result, is something which requires further study. However, it can be said with certainty that no personal data was found.

Guaranteeing fair elections is paramount. Good quality and thorough research is needed and this takes time. The determination of the results of the 2020 Student Council elections has therefore been postponed until the Executive Board’s investigation into the reliability of the results generated by the voting software is complete.

Read the full decision here (in Dutch)