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On 6 May 2020 the Executive Board adopted the 2021 Framework Letter subject to the approval of the general outline of the budget by the central representative advisory bodies. The Framework Letter will serve as the basis for the UvA’s 2021 budget and the multi-year estimates for 2022-2024. It will offer faculties and divisions guidelines and support in the process of preparing their own budgets. Staff and students now have until 20 May to read and respond to the Framework Letter.

The first section of the Framework letter contains a brief summary; section 2 outlines the budget. The sections after that provide a more detailed description of the internal division of funds for research and teaching and explain the frameworks for the provision of internal services and central units.

Framework Letter consultation process

Students and staff members can email questions and comments about the Framework Letter to, until May 20. When the consultation period has ended, the comments, suggestions and questions will be passed on to the representative advisory bodies. Any relevant input will be used in drawing up the draft budget later in the year. Feedback on the response received during the consultation period will be appended to the draft budget.

Joint Meeting approval period

The beginning of the consultation period is also when the Framework Letter will be submitted to the Joint Meeting of the representative advisory bodies for approval of the general outline of the budget. This approval period lasts until 22 June. The Joint Consultative Meeting on the 2021 Framework Letter will be held midway through this period. Responses from students and staff members to the 2021 Framework Letter can be discussed at that time.

Consultations on draft 2021 budget

Based on the Framework Letter, faculties and divisions will compile draft versions of their own budgets. These will be amalgamated to form the UvA’s overall draft budget. Later in the year, the Executive Board will consult the academic community about the draft 2021 budget and request advice on it from the Joint Meeting. The 2021 budget will be adopted by the Executive Board in December and submitted to the Supervisory Board for its approval.

Online lecture on 2021 Framework Letter

Do you want to know more about how the Framework Letter is drawn up, or do you have specific questions? Then follow the one-time online lecture given by Executive Board member Jan Lintsen. The English lecture will take place on Wednesday 3 June, from 15:00 till 15:45. Please register below: