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A new toilet block in the Roeterseilandcampus H building has been fitted with Hydrowashrs. The Hydrowashr is the most sustainable way to wash and dry your hands in 15 seconds, without using soap or a hand towel, and with 99% less use of water than during a 'normal' hand washing session.

How does it work?

Small drops of water in fast-flowing air clean your hands, and clean air dries your hands afterwards. Where you would normally use an average of one litre of water per wash, you will now only use 10 ml per wash. What's more, you won't need need soap and hand towels or paper towels any more, so it's very sustainable!

Would you like to try the Hydrowashr? 

You can find them in the new toilet block on the ground floor of the REC H building. The entrance is in the canteen.

The toilet block is also completely different from other toilet blocks. The toilets have been decorated with lovely wall panels of waterfalls, so it should be a fun visit!