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The UvA will start from 2020 with the renovation of building REC P (formerly the Euclides building at Plantage Muidergracht 24 in Amsterdam).

Building P - Roeterseiland campus

After an original design that included a roof structure, the design was simplified and the renovated building will have virtually the same external dimensions as the current building; the design was modified on the basis of discussions with the Spatial Quality Committee (Building Inspectorate) and the Spatial Planning and Sustainability Department (Urban Planning Department).

The building will have a flexible layout so that it can easily be used in different ways in the future. The façade layer will be made more energy-efficient and the building will be heated and cooled by means of an independent GHP system.
The asbestos inventory revealed the presence of much less asbestos in the façade than was previously thought.

Steering committee

The modifications to the design were presented at the steering committee meetings on 18 April and 12 June 2019. The steering committee indicated that it had sufficient confidence in the design and use of the building and commissioned the further development of the technical design.

Decision-making process

The Executive Board is expected to reach a decision on the final design in October, after which the tendering procedure for the construction work can be initiated in October 2019. The issue of circularity is expected to play an important role in this. Construction is scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2020 and the building is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2021.

Residents’ evening

Before an environmental permit is requested, a residents' evening will be organised on Monday 9 September 2019 to inform the local residents about the plans.

The City of Amsterdam and Waternet are investigating the possibility of using water transport to deliver and remove building materials.

New educational concepts

For REC P, it has also been explored how this building could acquire an educational function in the future and which Future Learning educational concepts are possible. The design drawings that are being developed for this building, based on 1/3 education, 1/3 offices and 1/3 valorisation, are being actively monitored. The aim of this exploration is to make it easier to adapt educational facilities to other types of education in the future.

Do you have questions about the renovation of REC P, please don't hesitate to ask the Real Estate Department,