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The UvA will start an experimental University Forum in January 2018. Membership will be decided by way of randomised selection.

The University Forum will consist of the Executive Board and the deans, together with 61 members from the various ranks in the faculties and service units. From each faculty, a full professor, a PhD student, three degree students (two from ACTA), two academic staff members and one support staff member will be invited. In addition, six staff members will be invited from the service units.

Who is eligible?

Each seat in the Forum will be assigned by random selection from the relevant rank and faculty (or service unit) to someone who has been active in the UvA or the AMC (with AMR) since at least February 2017. Eligibility is restricted to full-time students and to staff members on a contract of at least 19 hours per week. The randomised invitation procedure will be based on the records in the staff and student data systems. You could be selected if you have been employed by the UvA or the AMC since at least 1 February 2017 (irrespective of whether your position is temporary of fixed) and you have an appointment for a minimum of 19 hours a week, or have been enrolled as a full-time student since 1 February 2017. The random selection involves the assignment of rank numbers 1-10 for each seat on the Forum. The lowest ranked person to accept the invitation within the set period will be a Forum member.

Check your mailbox

Staff and students who have been selected for possible membership of the University Forum, will receive an email notification within the coming days.