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At the end of this first teaching period, UvA students will once again have the opportunity to give their views on the courses they have followed via UvA Q. This feedback is very important for programmes, so please do make sure you fill in the UvA Q course evaluations!


Programmes want to know what students think about the courses and teaching they provide. By filling in the evaluations you give your programme feedback they can use to improve its courses.

The results of the evaluations are first communicated to the teachers of the courses in question, so they can improve the quality of the course and teaching where relevant. The evaluations can tell them whether there were too many assignments, for example, or whether the textbook was clear enough.

In many cases the results of evaluations are also communicated in the form of a report for students that is posted on Blackboard. This report contains a summary of the outcomes of the course evaluation: how challenging students found the course, for example, whether they thought the course was clearly structured and whether it was taught in a stimulating way. The course coordinator can add a reaction to the report, indicating how your feedback will be used to improve the course.