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The University of Amsterdam will establish an experimental University Forum in January 2018. This decision was made by the Executive Board on Tuesday, 24 October. The accompanying regulations have also been adopted.

The University Forum will hold three public meetings over the course of 2018, the first of which will take place on 25 January. A selection of students and staff will be randomly invited to participate in the Forum. The Forum’s aim is to facilitate intellectual debate about the UvA, its values and strategies, and its future. The Board and faculty deans will translate the results of these discussions into strategic plans, which will then be presented to the standing committees, and the students and works councils. The Forum will not interfere with the councils’ regular work, as they have a different role in policy development.

The University Forum will consist of the Board and the deans, together with 61 members from the various departments in the faculties and service units. The composition is largely derived from last year’s proposal by the Democratisation and Decentralisation Committee. From each faculty, a full professor, a PhD student, three degree students (two from the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam, ACTA), two academic staff members, one support staff member, and six staff members from the service units will be invited to take part.

Random invitation

Each seat in the Forum will be offered randomly to a person from the relevant department and faculty (or service unit) who has been active in the UvA or the AMC (including AMC Medical Research, AMR) since at least February 2017. Eligibility is restricted to full-time students and to staff members on a contract of at least 19 hours per week. The randomised invitation procedure will be conducted during the month of November, based on the records in the staff and student data systems. To find out more about your eligibility, please check your entry in the relevant system. Invitations will be sent by email. You will be requested to accept the invitation within two days of receipt, otherwise the invitation will be passed on to another person from the same group.

The University Forum will be led by an independent President and supported by a Forum Secretary. Until their appointment, the Strategy & Information department will coordinate the format of the Forum.


The experiment will run until the summer of 2019, when it will be evaluated and a decision made as to whether to continue with the Forum in a fixed form. Moving forward, members will then be invited to the Forum for a term of two years, with half of them being rotated every year.

Read the regulations (in Dutch)