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Join in the discussion on the referendum being held on Wednesday 23 November and prepare yourself for the questions in the consultative referendum on Democracy and Decentralisation.

The discussion session will begin with a plenary session in which the acting dean and representatives of the Works Council (OR) and Faculty Student Council (FSR) will describe the existing situation and the problem for which a solution is being sought, and explain how students and staff can prepare for the referendum.

Participants will then split up to participate in discussions being held at ten standing tables. The discussions are intended to allow students and staff to exchange thoughts on the referendum.

Subjects could include the committee's final report, the examples of various organisational models, the questions being asked in the referendum or the consequences for teaching and research which new organisational structures could involve.



Wednesday 23 November, from 12:00 until 13:00


The central hall of Science Park 904

Registration required?

There is no need to register. Students and staff are all welcome to participate.