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FAQ Web lectures

  • How do I view a web lecture with Internet Explorer?
    • Go to Settings (cog wheel) in the browser bar
    • Go to Compatibility View Settings
    • Add the website
    • Tick the box for Use Microsoft compatibility lists
    • Select Close
    • You will now have an icon next to the refresh icon
    • Use this icon to view the web lecture
  • How do I view a web lecture with Safari on an Apple computer?

    Safari 7.0 and 6.1 have a new function called ‘Safari Power Saver’ which switches off plugins to reduce the drain on the battery of your laptop. This function can cause problems when playing the web lectures. Safari users who experience these problems when viewing the web lectures need to take the following steps:

    • If you hover with the mouse above the video window of the presentation, an icon should appear that can be clicked to allow the plugin to do its work on that page. If this icon does not appear, you will need to completely switch off Power Saver, so that the plugin can always do its work. Go to Click to start Plugin.
    • To switch off the Power Saver function go to Preferences in Safari, then Advanced Tab, and uncheck the box Stop plugins to save power. Reload the page (Apple symbol + R) of the web lecture. You should now be able to view the recorded lecture without any problems.
  • How do I view the web lectures via UvAVPN?

    Web lectures can be viewed without UvAVPN. But some viewers find they much prefer to activate UvAVPN. Do you want to view the web lectures using UvAVPN? Then check whether you have installed JUNOS PULSE and whether there is an active connection.

  • What if all the above does not work?
    • Does the link in your address bar begin with https://? Then change it to http://.
    • Paste the following code in the address bar, after the link you have received: ?useHTML5=true. The link now looks like this:
    • Did you get the web link from an email via Webmail? Then paste the code in Kladblok/Notepad and copy the relevant part that begins with: web

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