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Training and workshops

Fear of public speaking

Many students are nervous about the thought of having to give a presentation. A certain amount of stress is needed to be able to perform well, but some people become so anxious about speaking in public that they may stumble over their words, stutter, blush, shake uncontrollably or experience black-outs.


This training can help you to overcome your nerves and find ways to successfully deal with your anxiety. You will learn about anxiety processes and practise techniques such as relaxation exercises and task concentration.

Thinking patterns play a major role in the development of phobias. Here you will gain insight into these patterns and how to break them. You will practise preparing and building up a presentation, and give a number of presentations yourself.

Date and time

This training is offered once in 2020: Friday 7 February until 3 April 2020, from 09:00-11:30. Participation is no longer possible; this group has already started. End of August 2020 you can register for new trainings taking place next semester.

The training course comprises a series of eight or nine sessions. If the series shows more than the indicated number of dates, the instructor will cancel one or more dates during the course. Please note that it is important - for yourself and for the group - that you are able to attend all sessions. (This training is also offered in Dutch: Angst voor presenteren.)

Target group

  • Students at the UvA or AUAS who recognise in themselves the symptoms described above. The symptoms must be associated with public speaking (giving a presentation) and not everyday social interaction.
  • At the start of the group sessions, you should be capable of giving a small presentation lasting a couple of minutes.

Practical information

  • Language: English
  • Location: Roeterseiland Campus (REC), Building J/K, room 2.82.
  • Participation: a maximum of 17 participants.
  • Please note that it is important - for yourself and for the group - that you are able to attend all sessions.
  • Costs: free of charge.
  • Offered by the Student Psychologists (UvA Student Services).