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Termination of enrolment

Termination of enrolment

If you want to terminate your enrolment because you obtained your degree certificate or because you want to stop your studies, follow the steps below.

The UvA will terminate your enrolment on the last day of the month in which you wish to end enrolment. If you submit your request after 31 May, your enrolment will not be terminated until 31 August. Enrolment termination with retroactive effect is not possible.

Terminating enrolment due to graduation?

If you are terminating your enrolment because you are graduating,  the UvA will terminate your enrolment on the 1st of the month following your graduation date. If you submit your request after 31 May, your enrolment will not be terminated until 31 August.

Student ID card

You may keep your Student ID card, it's not necessary to hand it in.

  • 1. Terminate your enrolment via Studielink

    Enrolment in a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme can be terminated via Studielink. This requires your DigiD.

    • Go to 'My study programmes' in Studielink.
    • Click on the study programme for which you want to end your enrolment.
    • Select the option 'request to terminate enrolment' and follow the steps.

    Are you graduating? Give 'Graduating' as the reason.

    You do not need to cancel your enrolment via Studielink if you were not selected for a programme with an enrolment quota.

    Important note for international students

    These procedures may affect your residency rights in the Netherlands and scholarships, so please read all the steps before taking action. Foreign students must contact their exchange coordinator for questions and procedures regarding enrolment.

  • Will I be refunded any tuition fees?

    Tuition fees are refunded for the months in which you are not enrolled.


    • If your enrolment termination date falls on 30 June, 31 July or 31 August, you will not be entitled to a refund of the tuition fees.
    • If you terminate your enrolment in a pre-Master's programme, you will not be entitled to a refund of the tuition fees.
    • Enrolment termination with retroactive effect is not possible.

    For questions about enrolment termination you can contact the Central Student Service Desk.

  • What are the consequences of terminating enrolment?

    What are you no longer entitled to?

    After your last day of enrolment:

    • You may no longer make use of the UvA's educational facilities.
    • You may no longer have any achieved credits registered.
    • You can no longer submit applications for a certificate.
    • You are no longer entitled to student grants and loans or a student public transport pass (if this enrolment is your only enrolment to a research university or university of applied sciences).
    • If you have Dutch residency on the basis of studying at the University of Amsterdam, the UvA is required by law to inform the IND of the termination of your enrolment. The IND will proceed to stop your residence permit. If you have graduated and wish to stay longer in the Netherlands, you can apply for a search year permit (see link below).
    • For loans or scholarships other than those disbursed by DUO, please contact the scholarship-granting organisation if you have any questions about how termination of your enrolment may affect your student loan or scholarship.