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Why should I stand for election?

Are you interested in representing UvA students on a Faculty Student Council or on the Central Student Council? Not sure whether it's something for you? This page explains what sitting on a Student Council involves, how much time it will take up and what's in it for you.

Candidate for the Central Student Council?

The CSR comprises 14 members who are democratically elected on an annual basis. Seven members are elected directly, while the other seven are delegated by the Faculty Student Councils.

There are a number of different roles within the CSR: chair, vice-chair and three committee chairs. They constitute the Management Board (DB) of the CSR and work full-time, around 40 hours a week.

The other seven delegated members work around 20 hours for the CSR and another 15 hours for their own Faculty Student Council. The two remaining council members spend around 20 hours a week on the CSR.

Candidate for a Faculty Student Council?

Faculty Student Councils each have a maximum of 12 members. These members are all directly elected from the candidates of the various parties that are active within the faculty. The Faculty Student Councils are subdivided into committees or task forces, which focus on specific portfolios, such as educational quality, housing & finance, and ICT & student facilities.

What's in it for you?

  • Sitting on a council is an educational experience. You will learn a lot from the issues over which you have the right to be consulted or of approval.
  • Since it extends your network within the organisation, sitting on a council could be beneficial to your future career.
  • Council members can make their views known to the dean or the Executive Board directly.
  • As a council member, you will become familiar with many different aspects of the university and gives you a better understanding of how the UvA works.
  • Council-related activities can also make a pleasant change to your studies.
  • You will receive an Administrative Body Membership Grant!