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Parties FNWI

This page provides an overview on which parties are running for the FNWI Faculty Student Council (FSR) and what their views are.


For LIEF we are looking for people who want to work on better education at Science Park and have a passion connected to one of our three pillars: decentralisation, accessibility and interdisciplinarity. Also with a passion for sustainability you are very welcome. Besides our pillars we would like you to communicate your personal priorities to the students during the elections! We will help you, together with our election committee, to orientate on dossiers that you would like to work on at the FNWI.

What a year on the council will teach you is experience on working together in a big group, being critical when it comes to policy but also each other’s work and holding efficient meetings. You will also gain insights into how the faculty works and have possibilities to get professional training. It is an educational and fruitful year where you can also have a lot of fun with the people you work with.

LIEF will support you by helping you orientate towards your priorities, give training in campaigning and guide you through the election week. We’re all in this together!

Do you want more information about LIEF? Email

Do you want to apply for our list? Email


SLAAFS originated from discontent over the party system of the student council elections at the Faculty of Science, which caused only abstract promises to be made that more often than not weren’t realised. That’s why the party programme of SLAAFS is encompassed in one point: free beer! We want to give back to the student directly, which we do with our free beer. This way we not only bring the council closer to the students but also create more of a community at our university. Every one of our candidates represents their views and opinions, so every promise made is kept whenever possible. The candidates with the most votes will be the ones joining the council for us. At SLAAFS you can be as (un)serious as you want to, as long as you have the support and votes of your fellow student. Our motto is ‘Honest, Simple, Beer’. We are honest about our goals, we don’t make it any harder than it has to be and above all, we have our free beer to give back to our fellow students. If you’re interested in joining the council on behalf of SLAAFS please send an email to

De Vrije Student

De Vrije Student (The Free Student) puts students in the first place. That means that all lectures should be available online, that there should be more space in the university to study and that we are in favour of a higher teaching level in international classes. We find it important that you can evolve yourself to the utmost level during your time in college. Being a student is more than just study: it also comprehends the possibility to become a board member of your study association, to have a job next to your study or enjoy your free time in Amsterdam! We want you to be able to make use of these possibilities by giving you online lectures.

At the same time, we stand for a realistic university: of course, we are not against gender neutral toilets or vegan food in the cantina, but can the university’s money not in the first place be spent in another way? We say: first the study spaces and online lectures, and after that we can look into other subjects. That is how we distinguish ourselves from other parties.