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Serving on a Student Council

Are you considering standing for election as a council member, but still unsure whether the job of representing UvA students is right for you? This page features information on the various roles you can play on a student council, the amount of time this will involve and the benefits it will bring.

Central Student Council member

The Central Student Council (CSR) Executive Board consists of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson and three committee chairpersons. These Board members work full-time, around 40 hours a week. The other two directly elected council members devote approximately 20 hours per week to the CSR. The seven faculty student council delegates spend about 20 hours a week working for the CSR and about 15 hours working for their respective FSR.

Faculty Student Council member

Faculty Student Councils consist of a maximum of 12 members. These members are all directly elected from the candidates of the various parties that are active within the faculty. The Faculty Student Councils are subdivided into committees or task forces, which focus on specific portfolios, such as educational quality, housing & finance, and ICT & student facilities.


As a council member:

  • you will learn a lot from the issues over which you have the right to be consulted or of approval
  • you will have an opportunity to learn more about the UvA
  • you will receive an administrative body membership grant in recognition of your work on the student council
  • you will have the opportunity to build up a valuable network within the UvA

Finally, your activities as a student council member can provide a welcome break from your studies. In the following videos, current student council members share why they chose the student council and how they experience their council work.