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How do I stand for election?

Do you want to represent UvA students on a Faculty Student Council or on the Central Student Council? If so, you must officially put yourself forward as a candidate. You can stand for an existing party or set up a new party.

Standing for election on behalf of an existing party

There are a number of different parties that operate at central and faculty level. All these parties have different views on the issues that Student Councils deal with. If you agree with these views you can join one of these parties. The parties decide which candidates to inlcude on their list and in which order. It is the responsibility of the head of the party to submit the candidate list to the Central Voting Office on time. You can read more about this under the heading ‘Submitting candidate lists’.

Setting up a new party

If you don't share the views of the existing parties, you can set up a new party. Set up a new party is not complicated: to do this, you must submit a candidate list containing a minimum of the following information to the Central Voting Office:

  • the name of your party (maximum of 35 letters)
  • the faculty that you are part of (or central level)
  • the names of the candidates involved (they must be enrolled in the faculty where your party will take part), their date of birth, email address, student ID number and signature. A party consist of at least one candidate.

The list must also be signed by five people who study at the faculty (or university), constituting a declaration of support. The individuals who sign the list cannot be candidates themselves.

Submitting candidate lists

Candidate lists for new and existing parties must be submitted online to the Central Voting Office (CSB) between 14 and 9 April. Furthermore, each individual candidate must complete a consent form, which must also be submitted to the CSB. The consent form states the position of the person on the list and is provided with the candidate's signature. The forms must be sent electronically to:

In order to be valid, a candidate list requires a minimum of five signatures of UvA students who are entitled to vote. The individuals who sign the list cannot be candidates themselves.

Election Regulations


Do you have questions about the candidacy? Contact the Central Voting Office (CSB) of the UvA.