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Academic plan

What is it and what can you do with it? The academic plan helps you to keep track of your study progress and is a useful tool for planning. You can also use the academic plan to register for standard courses in your degree programme (such as compulsory courses) and to submit petitions in SIS (not applicable for all faculties).

What can you view in ‘My academic plan'?

  • your compulsory courses and electives
  • the courses you have passed and the courses you still need to complete
  • the number of compulsory ECTS credits you have obtained and the number you still need to obtain
  • the status for each course: if you are registered for the course, if you have passed the course or if you have submitted a petition relating to the course
  • the study result, if you obtained a pass for the course.

Please note:

In your academic plan, there will be an underscore alongside ‘Official grade’ if you have not yet obtained a final result for a course or if you have obtained a fail. You will find an overview of all your study results under ‘My study results’ in SIS.


  • Is a course missing from your academic plan? 

If you have already obtained your degree certificate, the course does not need to be added to your academic plan. If you have not obtained your degree certificate, use the online question form for UvA students to report the missing course.

  • Is a study result missing from your academic plan? 

Use the Digital Student Service Desk to report the missing subject and/or result.