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How it works

Visit (new window). Log in using your UvAnetID.


Choose one of the study options ('Work Alone', 'Work Together' or the PC icon) on the home page to see how many study places are available in each category. From there, follow the steps to book a room online or proceed directly to one of the buildings to book a room in person.

All rooms and study places can be booked on the same day, with the exception of the study rooms and project rooms at the University Library. These can be booked up to seven days in advance.

In some cases, you can also book lecture rooms. However, please note that when using a lecture room, it is customary to leave the room 15 minutes before the end of your time slot so that preparations can be made for any subsequent lectures.

Busy or quiet? Check the heat map

In addition to booking rooms, you can also use the so-called heat map for Building BCD on Roeterseilandcampus and in the buildings ABCD at Science Park to see which areas are busy or quiet. Click on the page of the relevant building. Click to select a floor on the left, and then click on the 'Occupancy' icon at the bottom left of the screen. This feature will be extended to other buildings in the future.

Finding your way
Click on the room where you want to go. You can do so on the map or in the menu. On the map, click directly on the place where you want to go (first select a floor in the building) and then click on 'Show the route'. Are you are looking for a printer or other facilities? In the menu, click on 'Services' and then (to find a printer) on 'Facilities'. Here you can also find details on food and drinks and the location of toilets.