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National Student Survey (NSE)

National Student Survey

You probably have an opinion about your studies and the University of Amsterdam. The National Student Survey is a national survey in which students give their opinion on their degree programme and university. Let us know what you think! How? By filling in the survey that you get in via email from Studiekeuze123 on 21 January 2021.

What is the NSE?

The National Student Survey asks students throughout the Netherlands for their opinion on the content of their programme, acquired skills, preparation for a professional career, lecturers, information provided by the programme, study facilities, testing and assessment, timetables, workload and academic student counselling.

The results help the UvA identify areas where it needs to improve regarding to study facilities, the study programme, timetables, student counselling and much more. In addition, the results provide input for orientation activities for new students and for the compilation of national rankings.

Why participate?

By filling in the NSE you help the UvA improve the quality of its study programmes and give us insight into what is going well and where we can do better. You also help future students make a better choice with regards to their study programme and institution. So, tell the NSE how you view different aspects of your courses and university. And maybe you’ll win something! This year Studiekeuze123 has a raffle among all participants that includes:

  • 1 x Apple MacBook Air (t.w.v. €1.199,-)
  • 4 x Sony noise cancelling headphones (t.w.v. €380,-)
  • 3x Logitech mouse and keyboard (t.w.v. €218,-)
  • 400 x voucher (t.w.v. €25,-)

How to participate?

On Thursday, 21 January you receive an email from Studiekeuze123 with an explanation on how you can participate and the link you can use. You can fill in the survey up to and including Wednesday, 10 March. Have you missed the first email? No problem! You’ll automatically receive a reminder in your mailbox with the link to the survey.

Would you like to know more about how the NSE works, their privacy policy or what happens to the results?

Read more at the National Student Survey website