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Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch! Are you a student who misses interacting with your fellow students? Are you on the board of a study association and do you want to organise more activities? Do you have a creative idea for an activity that can take place entirely in conformity with the coronavirus restrictions and do you just need funding? If so, then the UvA can help.

More social activities

The mandate to study at home has put a strain on social contact between students, at a time when we just might need each other more than ever. The Executive Board is aware of this issue and has allocated funding to help the UvA promote social interaction between students in 2021. We are doing this through the Keep in Touch campaign.

Although having ‘live’ contact has been difficult since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, over the past year many study associations have organised creative activities that still facilitated contact between students – with due observance of the rules. The UvA welcomes these creative yet responsible ideas, and is making it possible to implement more of these ideas going forward.

Interested in participating?

Submit your application for ‘COVID-proof’ activities on behalf of your study association by completing the form. Give a brief description in which you explain the impact your idea will have on social cohesion and overall student well-being. Be creative and take advantage of this opportunity! We are currently under lockdown, but we’re hoping that the restrictions will be relaxed again soon so that we will be less limited in our options.

If you are a student and you have an idea, contact your study association and submit an application together. The UvA would like to challenge study associations to involve both members and non-members in this initiative. Make sure your submission meets the basic requirements. The deadline for submissions is 31 January.

  • Read the basic requirements/selection criteria
    • Applications will only be processed if they are submitted via the online form no later than 31 January.
    • Study associations can apply for up to €500 (the exact amount depends on the total number of submissions selected to receive funding).
    • It is possible that only part of the requested funding will be awarded, rather than the full amount.
    • Multiple submissions are allowed. The maximum total amount for all the events submitted by one study association is €500.
    • Proposals may be for new initiatives as well as (additions to) existing activities.
    • The activity must provide a highquality experience and contribute to student well-being. Examples include an (online) fitness class with a trainer or an (online) seminar with a paid speaker.
    • The activity must fall under the theme of student wellbeing.
    • Activities must be freely accessible to students. This means that a student’s degree programme is the only determining factor for access to the event. The language of the programme, physical barriers and membership in the study association should play the smallest possible role in the accessibility of the event.
    • The activity must adhere to the COVIDrelated measures as specified on the Dutch government’s website.
    • Study associations will be informed of the evaluation committee’s decision by 15 February. This decision is final and not subject to discussion.
    • If you organise an activity during UvA Health Week (12 to 16 April 2021), there is a strong possibility that we will be able to offer extra promotion for your activity or that we can provide extra support in a different way.
    • The activity must take place before the end of academic year 2020-2021.

    Just a few more things...

    • Keep an eye on updates to the COVID-19 measures.
    • Submissions for in-person, ‘live’ events will also be evaluated by your faculty’s Head of Operational Management.
    • The applicant must record the activity in a video that is two minutes or shorter. Email the video to within two weeks after the event. By submitting your footage, you agree that images may be used on UvA communication channels.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can I submit an application as an individual student?

    No, only study associations can submit applications. However, it is possible to submit an application as a student in cooperation with your study association, so contact your study association to discuss your idea.

    Can alcohol be consumed during an event that is funded by Keep in Touch?

    Alcohol may be consumed, as long as this is done in a responsible manner. During the selection process, we will also look at the role of alcohol in your activity. Alcohol as part of the programme (such as during a welcome/closing drinks reception) is a different story than a beer pong tournament or cocktail workshop. Please keep in mind not to operate a vehicle or bicycle after consuming alcohol.

    We additionally ask that you take into account other students who may not drink (e.g. due to their religious beliefs or for health reasons).

    What should we do if an event can no longer be held because the government suddenly announces stricter coronavirus measures?

    First of all, we would like to emphasise that an online event is a safer choice since activities in this format can often still take place under stricter measures. Nevertheless, if you would like to organise an in-person event, make sure that you have a back-up plan.

    My question isn’t listed. Whom should I contact?

    You can email your question to