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Health and wellbeing

Stress support

If you are struggling with stress due to study-related or personal issues, don’t suffer through in silence – ask for help. Prevent your stress from accumulating and potentially resulting in burn-out.

Within the UvA, there are several departments to which you can turn for help with stress related problems:


Study stress

If your stress is a result of your studies, you can request a meeting with one of the study advisers from your degree programme. The study adviser is there to answer all study-related questions.

To find out who your study adviser is, look in the A-Z list for your degree programme, under the entry for ‘study adviser’.

Go to the programme list

Stress due to personal circumstances

If your stress stems from personal circumstances, or if you have questions or problems that relate to you as an individual (rather than being directly related to the content of your studies), you can visit a student counsellor.

Student counsellors

Doubts about your choice of degree programme

There are a few steps you can take if you are having doubts as to whether your chosen study is right for you, including the ‘Help with doubts about your studies’ training course or a study choice test. For more information, go to 'Switching degree programmes'.

Switching degree programmes

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