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  • We now have faculty diversity officers at all seven UvA faculties, who meet monthly with and are part of the CDO Team. Each of them is working hard in their respective faculty to raise awareness and improve policies, and will provide updates on a regular basis. These updates will be posted on the UvA Diversity Website.
  • We are working on developing student workshops aimed at raising awareness about and preventing sexual aggression and promoting gender equality
  • Mapping diversity in UvA faculties in order to better identify areas needing attention
  • We developed a best practices booklet based on other universities’ diversity policies and initiatives. You can find this here.
  • There is a new central policy on accessibility of facilities (buildings being adjusted and initiatives such as a Disability Office) which is currently being implemented.
  • Learning from and cooperating with parties such as the Diversity Forum (representatives from groups including the University of Colour, De Nieuwe Universiteit, Rethink UvA, Humanities Rally, New Urban Collective and ASVA) by including their representatives as CDO Team members
  • Monthly diversity events (starting 8 November 2018) to raise awareness, open listening spaces, exchange ideas and plan related activities.
  • I meet regularly with the VSNU (Vereniging van Universiteiten), LNVH (Stichting Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren) and diversity officers from other Dutch universities (and even more often with the VU (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)), as well as with diversity organizations like ECHO (where the UvA is a full partner) and Stichting Diversity, and the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture & Science) to help change national policy and achieve greater equality in Dutch higher education in general.