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Equity, inclusion and diversity

Diversity is important to us. The University of Amsterdam is striving to become a place where staff and students feel at home, regardless of their individual backgrounds. We want everyone connected to the UvA to develop to their full potential, and to use their unique personality, background and talents to enhance the identity of our university.

Photo: Wouter van der Wolk

UvA students and staff have made it clear that equity, inclusion and diversity deserve our attention. In a survey conducted by the former Diversity Committee, 62% of respondents indicated that they would like to see a broader cross-section of backgrounds, lifestyles, cultures and schools of thought at the UvA. Many students and staff see our university as too white and the curriculum too Western. This perception is something that we are working to change.

Winds of change 

There is a recognition that much more can be done to promote equality, inclusion and diversity issues, and currently a window of opportunity has opened. This includes the appointment of Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Anne de Graaf. Together with the Faculty Diversity Officers, CDO Team, representatives from the Faculty Student Council tasked with promoting diversity, other colleagues and the student body, Anne will strive to realise a more inclusive university dedicated to social justice and characterised by equality, inclusion as well as diversity. In these efforts, we will focus on ethnic diversity and the equality and inclusion of people from all manner of social and cultural backgrounds, genders, faiths, sexual orientations and degrees of ability.

Because every faculty has its own unique identity and issues to tackle, each faculty has its own acting or permanent Diversity Officer. These people will, in consultation with their faculty communities, help establish the diversity policy for their respective faculties.

Share your ideas

Read about our vision and the initiatives taking place within our UvA community. You are also warmly invited to make a contribution by sending a message to our suggestion box, or by submitting a blog, column or editorial (anonymously, if you prefer). Not only do we want this page to be a place to share information; we also want it to become an opportunity for staff and students to express their thoughts on the topic of diversity. We are looking forward to hearing from you.