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Faculty Diversity Officers

Each faculty has its own unique identity. As a result, each of them will have its own Diversity Officer, who will work together with the faculty’s own staff and students to establish the diversity policy within the faculty from the bottom up.

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)

Wilma de Kruijf

Faculty of Humanities (FGw)

Carlos Reijnen

team member: Letje Lips

team member: Ghanima Kowsoleea 

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG)

Marieke Brand

Faculty of Science (FNWI)

Machiel Keestra

Faculty of Law (FdR)


Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA)

Inge van der Stap

Faculty of Medicine (AMC)

Ilja Swets

team member: Jeanine Suurmond