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Chief Diversity Officer

Anne de Graaf is the UvA's Chief Diversity Officer. Together with Diversity Officers from each faculty, she is a key player in shaping diversity policy at the UvA while working to promote equality, inclusion and diversity within the university. The Chief Diversity Officer is appointed for a term of three years.

Anne is a bridge-builder by nature. She primarily considers her role as CDO as that of being a facilitator: ultimately, the change must take place within our community itself. We must engage in dialogue with one another and be unafraid to challenge each other’s perspectives. Anne is happy to assist in this regard. With her vast experience of other cultures as well as her specialisation in international relations and marginalised groups, specifically youth, voice and agency, she has been hired to help lead the UvA toward greater equality, inclusion and diversity. President of the Executive Board Geert ten Dam describes Anne as someone with a broad view of diversity, a high level of ambition and the ability to forge connections, as well as sensitivity and flexibility.


Anne de Graaf has a wealth of international experience. Born in San Francisco, she attended Stanford University. She holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Anne has been focusing on issues related to war and peace, exclusion and justice for quite some time. Her work has taken her to every country in sub-Saharan Africa, along with Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Bosnia and Russia. Until recently, she was Head of Studies for Academic Core at Amsterdam University College, which is operated by VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She continues to lecture there on the topics of human rights and peace building. Anne has written a wide variety of children’s books and novels for adults as well.


If the UvA is to become a place where everyone feels at home, represented and heard, a cultural transformation will need to take place. Such a change will take time and require a clear vision in addition to a well-considered approach. Learn more about this ambition in the section on vision.  


Do you have ideas or questions about diversity policy at the UvA? Leave a message in our suggestion box.