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Crisis Monitor

With the Crisis Monitor, the University of Amsterdam aims to gain more insight into how the measures that the University has had to take because of the coronavirus crisis are impacting the well-being of students and staff.

The monitor consists of repeated measurements in the form of short online questionnaires administered to all staff and students at the UvA (excepting Amsterdam UMC staff, external PhD candidates and international exchange students).

The questions in the Crisis Monitor relate to general well-being, work pressure or study stress, the provision of information by the UvA, and facilities for working or studying at home. 


In the Crisis Monitor, staff and students will receive a short questionnaire once every eight weeks. To keep the questionnaire brief, some basic information will be linked to the answers. For staff, this information includes their faculty/unit, department and position (from SAP HR); for students, this includes their faculty, degree programme and programme phase (from SIS). These details will be linked to the questionnaire based on the respondent’s email address.

Update 10 February 2021: For staff, additional information will be linked in the February 2021 questionnaire: the type of appointment (temporary or permanent), age category (in 10-year blocks), and number of years in current position (0-1 year, 1-2 years, >2 years).


The following measures will be taken to ensure the privacy of staff and students. Once the aforementioned basic information has been linked to the questionnaire, the corresponding email addresses will immediately be deleted from the database. Respondents’ answers will only be used in Crisis Monitor reports. The results will not be traceable to individual staff members or students; the reporting will be restricted to groups consisting of at least 10 respondents. Individual-level information will not be disseminated within the UvA or provided to third parties under any circumstances. In addition, the data files will be encrypted and stored using passwords that are only known to the researchers in charge. The survey will be carried out by the Institutional Research department, which is part of the UvA’s Executive Staff.


The results will be used to create reports for the central organisation and the faculties/staff and units. The results will also be announced in the staff and student newsletters and on the UvAweb.