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You may approach any of the confidential advisers listed below, regardless of the faculty at which you study.


Faculty of Economics and Business


Faculty of Humanities

  • Erik Laeven
    Erik Laeven

    Erik Laeven is assistant professor of Media Studies.

    One of the worst things if you have a problem is having no-one to share it with. It is essential be heard and acknowledged. Particularly when it comes to undesirable behaviour, which can be a hard subject to bring up at the best of times. People often think they are exaggerating, that it will pass, that it's their own fault or that they could suffer the consequences if they report it. As a result, some cases of intimidation, sexual harassment, bullying, aggression and discrimination never come to light and people simply aren't aware of undesirable forms of behaviour within their own corporate culture. Initially, people tend to keep problems to themselves for too long. Students and staff who feel threatened by undesirable behaviour need someone they can talk to in confidence about the situation and their options. This is why I became a confidential adviser.


    dr. F.A.M. (Erik) Laeven

    Faculty of Humanities

    Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur


Faculty of Medicine


Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Mirjam Koelewijn
    Portrait of Mirjam Koelewijn

    Mirjam Koelewijn is a project officer at the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

    In her own words

    "I have worked at the College and Graduate School of Social Sciences since 2012, initially for the Political Science programme and currently as a project officer in PR & Communications. In the spring of 2016 I was appointed as confidential adviser at the Faculty of Social Sciences. I am happy this role allows me to contribute to a healthy working climate at the UvA. Since 2018, I have been a confidential adviser for students as well as staff.

    Honesty, prudence and clarity are very important to me, and these qualities are central to my work as a confidential adviser. I am a good listener and like to offer guidance and a sympathetic ear to staff and students who have experiences undesirable behaviour. A number of courses in Non-violent Communication have trained me to taught me how to really hear what people are going through. I can quickly get an idea of situations and of people's feelings and needs. I have noticed how valuable this is in my work as a confidential adviser."

    drs. M.G. (Mirjam) Koelewijn

    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

    OBP Groep Onderwijsbureau Sociale Wetenschappen

  • Els Kuiper
    Portrait of Els Kuiper

    Els Kuiper has taught courses for the Bachelor’s and Master's programmes in Education Sciences since 2010. She also works as an education researcher at the Kohnstamm Institute.

    As a major university, the UvA has an important duty to create a safe learning and working environment for students and staff. Els wants to be play an important role in this respect, by giving students and staff a safe place to come and talk about their experiences with undesirable behaviour. This is how she wants to help.


    dr. E.J. (Els) Kuiper

    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

    Programme group: Educational Sciences


Faculty of Science

  • Marly van den Boom

    Faculty of Science, Education Service Centre

    Marly van den Boom

    Marly works at the Education Service Centre of the Faculty of Science. She has worked as a study adviser for the Bachelor's programme in Chemistry and the Master’s programme in the Graduate School of Life Sciences since 2014. After graduating in Biotechnology, she started a career as a research analyst. She has also worked as a student information officer for various science-based programme departments at VU University Amsterdam.


    Ms M.D. (Marly) van den Boom

    Faculty of Science

    Education Service Center


Faculty of Dentistry


Faculty of Law

  • Erik van Arkel
    Potriat of Erik van Arkel

    Erik van Arkel has been a coordinator of operations in the Public Law department since 1 September 2017. He previously worked in operations and management in central government and ran his own business CATREAL.COM, which aims to help people and organisations to boost their resilience.

    As a confidential adviser, I want to help create a UvA environment in which people feel safe and where diversity is respected and valued.

    Mr E. (Erik) van Arkel

    Faculty of Law

    Dep. Public Law

  • Liesbeth Zagers
    Liesbeth Zagers

    Liesbeth Zagers has worked at the UvA's Faculty of Law since 2015. She is secretary to the Examinations Boards of the Faculty of Law and the PPLE study programme.

    Before being appointed to the UvA, she held various positions in faculties and teaching departments of Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She is familiar with many aspects of ‘the university’, as a student, as a researcher and as a member of support and management staff.


    mr. drs. L.M. (Liesbeth) Zagers

    Faculty of Law

    Amsterdam College of Law


Central confidential adviser

  • Rixt Polder
    Rixt Polder

    Alongside my regular work in the Faculty of HUmanities, I am also active within society. It is important that staff and students have a point of contact in the University, where they can discuss their concerns without fear of being judged. I always try to plan an appointment within two days, so that I am as accessible as possible. I am a good listener and I'm keen to help people deal with tricky situations that may arise during their studies or at work.


    Ms A.R. (Rixt) Polder

    Alumni Office and Amsterdam University Fund