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The number of coronavirus infections is falling. More and more people have been vaccinated or are able to schedule an appointment, and we are preparing for a new academic year without restrictive measures. Below you can read all about working from home, group size and face masks.

What will change from 26 June?

No more face masks

The requirement to wear a face mask will be lifted for all University of Amsterdam (UvA) buildings as of 26 June. The 1½-metre social distancing measure will remain in force, however. Whether that measure can also be lifted, will become clear on 13 August.


As of 26 June, the maximum group size for events will be determined by the room capacity (1½-metres social distancing) and no longer by a maximum group size such as, for example, 30 people. Read more about this on the events page.

Working at the University

We will be able to work at the University more often, as long as we can maintain 1½ metres' distance from one another.

Seeing and meeting each other again is important. We therefore hope that staff will grasp the opportunity to come and work in the office, if there is indeed the room to do so. This may vary from building to building. Talk to your manager or supervisor to see if there is enough space.

All workplaces are cleaned regularly, and other basic measures are in place to ensure that everyone can work as safely as possible.

What does this mean for education in the new academic year?

The government expects the 1½-metre measure in higher education to be lifted on 16 August. For the UvA, this means that we will continue to prepare for the coming academic year assuming that no more restrictive measures will be in place. Based on this scenario, the teaching timetables are now being drawn up. As we wrote earlier, compulsory attendance will be reinstated. Of course, if the coronavirus figures deteriorate and measures are still needed, we will have to adapt accordingly.

Read all the information about academic year 2021-2022 here.

How will this affect student introduction activities?

On 13 August, the government will also take a decision on student introduction activities. That decision will take effect on 16 August. We expect this decision to be as follows:

  • Education-related introduction activities can take place without social distancing.
  • The 1½-metre social distancing and the usual rules for catering, events and sports will apply to other introduction activities (activities outside the institution or of a primarily social nature, social activities organised by sports, study and/or student associations).
  • Under specific conditions, coronavirus status entry tickets may be used for introduction activities. The event must take place on a properly and clearly fenced-off site with access control at the gate. This requires a permit from the municipality and the event must be registered via

In the meantime, keep self-testing!

It remains important that students and staff continue to self-test regularly over the coming period, especially when you return from holiday. Together, we can keep the number of infections low and ensure that the 1½-metre measure can be lifted. Have you not been vaccinated yet? Then order your free self-test here.

Self-tests will be available via until the end of July. More information on how the self-tests will be provided after that, will become available soon.

Working and studying safely

We understand that some students and staff have concerns about infections and their own health. During the coronavirus crisis, we followed the guidelines of the national government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) to be able to offer education in the best and safest way possible. We will continue to do so in the coming period and next academic year. In addition, we will continue to ensure that cleaning is carried out more frequently and that other hygienic facilities are available.

More information about the 2021-2022 academic year

You can find all information about education in the 2021-2022 academic year on this page. For specific information, students and staff can contact their own faculties or programmes. The information will be updated over the coming weeks and months.     

Any questions?