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The end of the academic year is approaching, and so we look ahead to the new academic year - a year in which education will once again take place on campus. Expectations are that the circumstances towards the end of August will allow for that. We are, of course, hopeful and optimistic.

'Base scenario'

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has formulated a “base scenario” (in Dutch) and the OMT will issue a definitive recommendation in early July. As it currently stands, expectations for the new academic year are that higher education institutions will be allowed to open their doors, social distancing will no longer be required, and voluntary self-tests will remain available for those who are not vaccinated.  

Face masks will likely remain compulsory while walking through the buildings, however, and we are currently operating under the assumption that lectures will be subject to a maximum of 75 persons starting from September. Naturally, we hope that this restriction will also be lifted. 

On campus

The UvA’s focus is on a return to on-campus education and being able to meet each other.  

For students, that means that from September on, lectures will once again require you to be present in Amsterdam. The normal attendance requirements will be in effect. This also applies to foreign students. Only in special cases, e.g. for foreign students who are unable to attend due to international travel restrictions, programmes may explore additional solutions to enable students to receive education.  

For staff giving lectures, this means that your presence on campus is required. There will also be time and space available on campus to work and collaborate with others. We hope that all staff will make use of this starting in September. 


Naturally, we hope that the maximum limit for group sizes will also be lifted, so that lectures can resume as normal. However, if a group maximum of 75 persons indeed remains in effect, it will not be possible to hold all lectures on campus. You will be kept up to date by your programme. 

Exams and proctoring

In the current “base scenario”, the current maximum number of persons does not apply to exams. This means that exams can also be held on campus again. The current use of proctoring is linked to the restrictions related to Corona. Given the evolving circumstances, a new decision on the use of proctoring will be prepared. It is possible that proctoring may be used in certain cases, e.g. for students who are unable to attend the UvA in person.   

Vaccination and access

Expectations are that by approximately September all adults will have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. We hope that all UvA students and staff will choose to be vaccinated, but this is of course a voluntary choice. We will not demand any proof of vaccination. 


The decision to “return to normal” education is based on current developments. While we remain optimistic, we are also taking into account less ideal scenarios in which we have to (partly or temporarily) revert to online education.   

Hygiene and self-testing   

A number of the basic measures will remain in effect in the new academic year. We call on everyone not to forget the hygiene regulations, wear face masks when moving through the buildings, remain at home when experiencing symptoms and, if not vaccinated, perform a self-test on a regular basis before travelling to the campus.

More information about the 2021-2022 academic year

You can find all information about education in the 2021-2022 academic year on this page. For specific information, students and staff can contact their own faculties or programmes. The information will be updated over the coming weeks and months.     

Any questions?