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In the past few days there have been news reports about the safety leaks ‘meltdown’ and ‘spectre’. The possible consequences of these leaks are currently being investigated. Up till now there have not been any indications that the leak is being abused. The manufacturers are working on updates to resolve these leaks.

Devices administered by ICTS

ICTS is responsible for updates on devices for which they manage systems and other updates. ICTS will install these as soon as possible. Since the updates will not be available all at once, the updates will be installed one by one. This will happen within two weeks from now.

What action can you take yourself?

Install updates for devices you manage yourself (such as your mobile phone and your own laptop), as you are used to doing. Most devices will show a notification when new updates are available. Apple, Microsoft and Intel are still working on these updates, so it will take a couple of days before they are available.


If you have any questions, please contact the ICTS Servicedesk: +31 (0)20 525 1402.