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What does ChatGPT mean for your education and assessment?

Published on 21-02-2023
ChatGPT: the chatbot that produces completely new texts based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of AI is progressing at lightning speed. How will it affect education and assessment at the UvA?
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What is your study programme?

Artificial Intelligence offers opportunities 

The UvA is embracing the use of Artificial Intelligence in education. AI offers us opportunities. For example, chatbots can help you study more effectively. ChatGPT can translate a text for you or test you to see how well you have prepared for your exam, to name just a few examples.

Academic skills

It is important for you to use AI in a responsible manner. By completing your own assignments, you improve your academic skills. These skills will be indispensable both during your further training and on the labour market.

Using ChatGPT to complete an assignment… is this allowed?

Unless your lecturer explicitly states otherwise, you are not permitted to have study assignments generated by a bot. The fraud and plagiarism regulations of your degree programme state that lecturers must be able to assess your knowledge, insight and skills. Submitting work that you did not write yourself could therefore be considered fraudulent. In cases of fraud, the UvA will take strict action.

More information

If you have any questions about the use of AI in assessment, please contact your course coordinator. You can contact the Examinations Board of your degree programme with any questions regarding fraud and plagiarism regulations.