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Want to win noise-cancelling headphones? Take the NSE!

Published on 30-01-2023 16:16
On Friday 3 February, you’ll receive a reminder in your student email to complete the National Student Survey (NSE). Do this as soon as possible! By giving your opinion on the university and your degree programme you can win Sony noise-cancelling headphones or one of the other prizes. Filling out the survey takes 15 minutes at most.
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Over 10% of all UvA students have already completed the National Student Survey. The Faculty of Science leads in terms of the number of completed surveys (12.2%), closely followed by ACTA (11.5%) and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (11.1%). At the Faculty of Medicine, 10.5% of all students completed the survey. At the Faculty of Humanities, it is 9.7%, at Economics and Business it’s 9.4% and at the Faculty of Law it’s 9%.

Learn why the National Student Survey is important.

Win Sony noise-cancelling headphones

You have until 10 March to complete the NSE. After this day the survey organiser, Studiekeuze123, will raffle off the following items:

  • 1 x Apple MacBook Air (worth €1,199)
  • 4 x Sony noise-cancelling headphones (worth €380)
  • 3x Logitech mouse and keyboard (worth €218)
  • 400 x Bol.com voucher (worth €25)

Lost your survey invitation

Can't find your personal link to take the survey? No problem! Through the National Student Survey website, you can have the invitation resendExternal link to your student email.

Results used for improvements and guidance

Studiekeuze123 publishes the NSE results on 31 May. All universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands then receive an overall score and a score on components such as study guidance, examination and quality of education. Within the UvA, employees use these results to improve the university for you. The Ministry of OCW uses the results to provide future students with objective information. You can read the 2022 survey results on the Studiekeuze123 websiteExternal link.