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Train for the Damloop with Team UvA

Published on 09-05-2023 11:51
Be optimally prepared at the start of the Dam tot Damloop on September 17 with the training sessions and training schedules of running trainer Frank Aarts.
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Participate in the Dam tot Damloop with Team UvAExternal link and run the 16 km from Amsterdam to Zaandam together with your fellow students, teachers and colleagues. Participation costs €27. Your Team UvA ticket includes a bib number, team shirt and access to the USC tent, including drinks after the race. 

In preparation for the Damloop you can participate in the training sessions of our running trainer Frank Aarts. The first training is on June 6. There are also training schedules for different target times.


De trainingen zijn geschikt voor lopers van alle niveaus: van beginners die hun eerste Damloop willen uitlopen, tot ervaren lopers. Naast een warming-up en cooling-down bestaan de trainingen uit oefeningen, techniekaccenten, interval en kracht.

  • Dinsdag 6 juni | 19.00 | USC Universum | Thema: Starten met de voorbereidingen
  • Donderdag 29 juni | 19.00 | USC Amstelcampus | Thema: Mijn looptechniek
  • Dinsdag 11 juli | 19.00 | USC Universum | Thema: Pasfrequentie
  • Donderdag 24 augustus | 19.00 | Atletiekbaan ASV Arsenal IJsbaanpad 50 | Thema: Damloop snelheid
  • Dinsdag 5 september | 19.00 | Westerpark | Thema: heuveltraining, wedstrijdtips en -voorbereiding

Training sessions

The training sessions are suitable for runners of all levels: from beginners who want to complete their first Damloop, to experienced runners. In addition to a warm-up and cool-down, the training sessions consist of exercises, running techniques, interval and strength.

* Tuesday, June 6 | 19.00 | USC Universe | Theme: Start with the preparations
* Thursday, June 29 | 19.00 | USC Amstel Campus | Theme: My running technique
* Tuesday, July 11 | 19.00 | USC Universe | Theme: Cadence
* Thursday, August 24 | 19.00 | Athletics track ASV Arsenal IJsbaanpad 50 | Theme: Dam run speed
* Tuesday, September 5 | 19.00 | Westerpark | Theme: hill training, competition tips and preparation

Training schedules

Do you have a target time and do you want to train specifically for it? Or do you just want to have a nice walk and could you use some guidance in your workouts? Then use one of our complimentary training schedulesExternal link.