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What is your study programme?

Earn gift cards by sharing your opinion! Join the UvA panel

Published on 28-03-2023 14:53
Want to earn gift cards with your opinion? Sign up for the UvA panel! As a panel member, you receive an invitation to participate in research around 10 times a year. Share your opinion on topics like new study spaces or the student website. No time or interest in the topic? You can always skip the research.
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What is your study programme?

How does it work?

MSign up for the UvA panel with your UvA, AUC, AMC, or ACTA email address. As a panel member, you’ll receive regular invitations to online surveys or (online) interviews. If you don't have time or if the topic doesn't interest you, you can simply skip the research.

Gift cards for your opinion

As UvA panel member, you can have a direct impact on university policy and other developments. To thank you for giving your opinion, you can win a gift card for each study you participate in. Register here.


Your information will only be used for the UvA panel and is treated confidentially. Your answers are processed anonymously. If you want to end your membership, you can do so at any time by contacting uvapanel@uva.nlExternal link.  Read the full UvA panel privacy statement.

For any questions regarding the UvA panel, send an email to uvapanel@uva.nlExternal link.