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What kind of security type are you?

Published on 07-10-2022
Information security is a hot topic these days. Do you always work or study securely? Take the test here.
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What is your study programme?

Look at the statements below and give yourself 1 point for each thing you have never done before. 


I have never: 


  1. Clicked on a phishing link  
  2. Forgot to lock my screen when I left my workplace 
  3. Delayed my software updates 
  4. Used the same password for multiple accounts 
  5. Sent personal data by email  
  6. Used open Wi-Fi  
  7. Created a password shorter than 8 characters 
  8. Sent an email with important data to the wrong person 
  9. Lost my phone with my work account 
  10. Sent privacy-sensitive files via email 

10 points: You are a true security expert 

Fantastic! Hackers don't stand much of a chance with you. You are well aware of digital risks. Stay alert and tell others how and why you work so digitally secure. 

 7-9 points: The comfortable security type 

Nice work, but your digital behaviour could be a little better. You're interested in the subject of digital security, but sometimes convenience takes over. And then a 'wrong' click is easily made. And it’s better to think a little longer about it than to make a quick mistake resulting in a lot of trouble, right?  

4-6 points: The lazy security type  

You are somewhat sluggish, aren’t you? Immerse yourself in the why of digital security, and not only for your own benefit. After all, your digital behaviour also affects others.    

0-3 points: The real security-loser 

You are an excellent target for hackers. It's like publishing your password on the front of the newspaper... Come on! You can improve a lot yourself.  

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