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Want to brace for the cold in a snug UvA hoodie? Sign up for the UvA panel!

Published on 05-12-2022 14:55
Are you an UvA student who wants to earn gift vouchers with your opinion? And would you like to win an UvA hoodie to keep you warm during lectures? Sign up for the UvA panel before 12 December to join the raffle for this prize.
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The UvA panel is the UvA internal research agency. Through the panel UvA employees invite you and your fellow students to participate in research. With your participation you help employees to improve communication campaigns or the new student website, among other things.

Give your opinion when it suits you

Close to 1700 students and 500 employees are already a member of the UvA panel. As a student, you’ll receive around 10 invites a year to participate in an online survey or (online) interview. Don’t like the topic or don’t have time to participate? You can always skip the research invitation.

Win a snug UvA hoodie

Want to give your opinion and win gift vouchers by doing so? And have a chance at winning a lovely hoodie? Sign up for the UvA panel. Among all students who are a panel member we’ll raffle 25 UvA hoodies on 12 December to thank you for your participation. That way, you will be nice and warm during the cold winter months. Don’t miss this opportunity!

On 12 December, we will determine who is a member of the UvA student panel. These students all participate in the raffle. Winners are informed personally on 13 December by e-mail. The results are not open to discussion.

More information

Would you like to know more about the UvA panel? Visit the UvA panel webpage for more information. Or contact uvapanel@uva.nlExternal link