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What is your study programme?

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Published on 31-07-2022
Your study programme needs you! New positions will likely become available in the Programme Committee (PC) of your study programme on September 1.
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What is your study programme?

As a PC member you work together with lecturers to monitor and to improve the quality of education. Do you want to contribute to your study programme and will you be available around eight to ten hours a month? Then apply for a position no later than 16 September.External link

Your tasks will consist, among others, of discussing course evaluations, identifying and analysing developments within your study programme, and advising the programme director. You will also maintain close contact with students in your programme and will participate in meetings with the Programme Committee as well as in faculty PC meetings.

More information about your PC can be found on the page below. If you have any questions, please contact the current PC of your study programme.