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Earn gift cards with your opinion

Published on 29-08-2022 17:49
Want to earn gift cards with your opinion? Sign up for the UvA panel! As a panel member for this UvA research panel, you can participate in research when you want to and win gift vouchers each time you do so. Give your opinion on, for example, the new student website or the UvA sustainability policy and help us improve the university.
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How does it work?

All UvA students can participate in the panel. As a panel member, you can participate in an online survey or (online) interview approximately ten times a year. A survey can be about how the UvA communicates, new policy or a theme like social safety. Don’t have time to participate, or don’t find the topic appealing? No problem, you can skip the survey.

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Why participate?

As a member of the UvA panel, you can make your voice heard and directly influence policy and developments at the university. You can also win a gift card each time you participate in a survey!

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Your information will only be used for the UvA panel and is treated confidentially. Your answers are processed anonymously. If you want to end your membership, you can do so at any time by sending an email to uvapanel@uva.nlExternal link. Read the full statement.