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CSR: ‘Health Week – take a breather, enjoy, and learn new skills'

Published on 09-11-2022 12:33
During Health Week (21 to 25 November), you can choose from around fifty activities. “Health and well-being are incredibly important during the stressful lives of students,” says Noah Pellikaan of the Central Student Council (CSR). "The week offers opportunities to take a breather and enjoy time at university while learning new skills."
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Noah Pellikaan - CSR
Noah Pellikaan - CSR

Students can choose from about fifty activities during the Health Week (21 to 25 November). “Health and well-being are incredibly important during the stressful lives of students,” says Noah Pellikaan of the Central Student Council (CSR). “The health week brings great opportunities for students at the UVA to take a breather and further enjoy their time at uni while learning new talents and skills.” He mentions sleeping better, learning yoga, and examining Van Gogh carefully. He also greatly recommends the All Ears Student Support Line and Silent Disco.

During the Health Week, the support offered by the UvA, such as student psychologists, career coaches and health checks, is highlighted. Project leader Anna la Verge of Student Services: “I want students to find help and support, to show that life can be more fun and light-hearted and that we can do that together!”

Let's Move Together!

The All Ears Student Support Line is one of the activities and fits in with the central theme of 'Let's move together'. Noah: “One of the most vital aspects contributing to one's mental wellbeing is their sense of community, and ability to both be heard by and speak with their peers. All Ears, the student run Dutch/English support line for students helps to build that sense of community by being available to call at +31 208088538 from 10:00 to 18:00 every day to listen.” Noah also recommends the wellness walks on offer. Unfortunately, these are already fully booked, but everyone can do this for themselves. “A moment to get a breath of fresh air, destress, and allow for a mindfulness break.” Noah hopes that students will also enroll en masse for the workshop 'Consent & Boundaries' on Wednesday 23 November from 16:00 to 18:00, at Roeterseiland, building B 101. This is intended to give students a better understanding of their own boundaries and how to communicate them. Noah: “It helps to curate a healthy and mutually respectful academic environment, helping to ensure that every student both feels and is being socially safe.”

Silent Disco on November 22

Anna has received many tips from students and staff for activities that meet demands. She is thrilled that the CSR is going to host the Silent Disco. This is on Tuesday 22 November from 12:00 to 13:00 at De Brug. Anna and Noah can then both be found on the dance floor. They invite everyone to participate. Noah wants to learn to dance even better himself and therefore participates in the 'Salsa Through Life’ class on Wednesday from 16:00 to 17:00. (There is still room.)

BRANDSTOF: about burnout on November 21

Anna la Verge - project leader Health Week
Anna la Verge - project leader Health Week

The beautiful documentary BRANDSTOF (in Dutch) about burnout in young adults, is showing on Monday 21 November, at 20:00 in CREA. This will include a discussion with the people from the documentary. This topic has a personal meaning for Anna. “I had a burnout at 19 when I was a student and then found my way to the student psychologist at the UvA. This helped me and determined my further path in life. Now I am a yoga teacher at USC, where I took my first yoga class as a student. And I became a Jungian therapist. I am living proof that the UvA's services are important. Everyone could use some support.” Anna has learned to set her own path and pace. Sometimes she goes beyond her own limits. “I then remember how that works and I learn from that. That way I continue a bit further along my own path.”

Start to move

Anna also points everyone to the online ‘Morning Meditations’, daily at 8:00, and to ‘Start to move!’ at 8:30. “Experienced trainers guide you through meditation and various movement exercises, so that we can start the day together in a lively manner.”

Health Week: Check the schedule and sign up!External link