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Update Coronavirus and your studies

27 May 2020

The coronavirus has caused all kinds of changes to your studies. At UvA Economics and Business, we continue to work hard to take step-by-step, well-considered measures to deal with the current situation, within the guidelines set by the government. We will regularly send you emails with new information about the decisions that have been made and what these decisions mean for you.

The topics under discussion can be found on this page in a single overview. There is also the general UvA page,, where you will find all updates that apply to all UvA programmes.

If you have any questions about the information below, please contact the Education Desk.

Online classes, also after 15 June

On Wednesday 20 May, the UvA newsletter stated that classes could be taught physically on a small scale, from 15 June onwards. This is not the case for the lectures and exams of your courses at UvA Economics and Business. These will take place online for the remainder of this academic year. For semester 1 of the upcoming academic year, we guarantee suitable and interactive online education. For each period, we will determine which activities we can organise, without mandatory attendance, on campus in addition to the online education. International students do not need to come back to the Netherlands in the first semester; all mandatory components will be offered online. We will present the education model plans of upcoming academic year this summer.

Extra resit for final course

An additional examination opportunity is provided every year for those who need to pass a single component of their degree programme that they previously did not complete in order to finish their study programme. Considering the current situation, it has been decided to relax the stringent criteria, allowing more students to use this option and finish their studies during the present academic year. This additional examination opportunity will take place on 25 August and you will need to apply before 22 July. You can find all information about on the Extra Resit page.

Transferring to a Master's programme: lenient assessment

Under normal circumstances, you would not be admitted to a Master's programme until you have completed your Bachelor's or pre-Master's programme. You might experience a study delay due to the coronavirus crisis. To minimize this study delay, it was decided that you may nonetheless start your Master's programme in September. However, this is subject to restrictions, such as the number of credits that you have yet to obtain. You can find further details on the conditions and the application procedure on the Admission to the Master's page.

Do you want to continue studying at another Dutch university with a delay?

In most cases this is possible. Check with the University of your interest what their rules are. These can differ between Universities and even per programme. Do you meet their requirements? In that case you need a statement from the Faculty that your study delay is Corona virus related. You request this statement through an online form. Select "I have a request" and "Corona virus related study delay statement (request)".

Tuesday, 9 June: start of course registration for the 2020-2021 academic year

Besides finishing the current academic year as best as we can, it is also time to look ahead. The moment has almost arrived to register for the Bachelor's courses in semester 1 or the Master's courses in period 1 of the next academic year. We are presently preparing to facilitate your registration process as much as possible. You will receive further information on this matter next week. You currently do not need to do anything, except keep an eye on your inbox.

Request your degree certificate

If you recently completed your final course and your degree certificate application has been approved, we can provide you with a graduation statement should you require one to apply for a job or other occasion. We are currently not printing or sending any degree certificates. As soon as there are any changes in the procedures, we will update the Degree certificate page.

Exchange programmes first semester 2020-2021 cancelled

The University of Amsterdam has made the difficult decision to cancel all (physical) exchanges in the first semester of the upcoming academic year.

This decision is mainly based on safety and health aspects, but also on the fact that more and more partner universities are cancelling exchanges in the upcoming semester.

Take care of yourself

Your study plan might be upset now that your classes are all online and your exams have been rescheduled. We understand that making a new study plan may be difficult. Be realistic in your schedule and don’t overexert yourself. The most important thing is for you to take care of yourself. Don’t forget that you don't have to do this alone. The study advisers can help you with a study plan, and they can offer you guidance in your decision making. The email with tips from the study advisers can help you to make a realistic study planning.

Classes and exams in periods 4, 5 and 6

All classes, exams and resits for the rest of this academic year will be online. The form of your exam or resit and whether the scheduled time differs from how it is currently shown in your timetable will be mentioned by your lecturer on your course’s Canvas page.

Semester 1 of the upcoming academic year

The 2020-2021 academic year will start as scheduled in September. If we are once again allowed to offer education physically at the Roeterseiland Campus, we will do this. We will use a step-by-step approach to decide which components we will be able to offer physically on campus, in compliance with government regulations. We expect that at first, these will mainly be small-scale activities organised to promote inclusion and contact between lecturers and students.

In order to provide you – wherever you may reside – with the certainty that you will be able to begin or continue with your study, we will in any case offer education and exams online in semester 1. In each period, we will evaluate whether the circumstances, in line with the social distancing rules of a 1.5 metre society, allow for meetings of small groups for small-scale classes at the Roeterseiland Campus. There will be no mandatory attendance for these classes.

Code of conduct for online education

Digital communications are different than face-to-face interactions. At the UvA, all forms of communication are subject to a code of conduct based on the following key principle: 'staff and students must treat everyone who works and/or studies at the UvA politely and with respect.' This also applies during online lectures and online examinations. At all times you may expect that you and your privacy are treated with respect. If you experience any inappropriate behaviour, try to discuss it with the individual involved or contact the study advisor, as such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Proctoring: remote invigilation

For all exams of this year, the university has considered alternative methods of examination and for example the rescheduling of an exam. In some cases the only possibility is to use proctoring. Proctoring software remotely monitors examination locations and any computers being used to administer the examination. The UvA will only use proctoring in situations where no other options are available. This applies to some of your examinations and all resits. See the relevant course descriptions in Canvas for details. 

Please visit the proctoring page for more information. For example, the page specifies which tests you will need to carry out in order to prepare effectively for a proctored online examination. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions on aspects such as computer system requirements, privacy protocols, the use of data and contact details in case of any questions.

Examination and resit scheduling

All scheduled examinations for this academic year can now take place following the decision to allow proctoring of online examinations. If you are currently in a country that has a large time difference with Amsterdam, your examinations may be scheduled at unusual hours. We understand this may be inconvenient. Examinations are scheduled in order to allow for both a regular opportunity and a resit for each course while minimising overlap with other courses. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the same examination at different times due to the risk of fraud.

Examination results

Normally, lecturers have 15 working days to check an examination, after which the Student Administration processes the results within 3 working days. In these abnormal times, it may take more than 18 days before your mark is available in SIS. For example, multiple choice questions take less time to mark than essays. We will try to mark all examinations within the prescribed 18 working days and ask that you be patient with our lecturers and Student Administration.

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

At UvA Economics and Business we will not issue any negative binding study advice (BSA) for the current academic year. You will receive a deferred BSA instead, which gives you an extra year to obtain the required 48 credits of first-year courses to get a positive BSA in the next academic year. Of course, if you already have the required number of credits by the end of this academic year, you will get a positive BSA. You’ll find all the information on the BSA page.

Cum laude (distinction)

As a result of the corona crisis, we understand that it is difficult to perform at your best during this phase of your studies. That is why the Examinations Board is willing to make an exception to the cum laude regulation. Students can choose one of the two exceptions listed on the cum laude page.

Waiver from study progress rule Honours students

Because of the corona pandemic, it is decided that all second-year students are allowed to continue with the Honours Programme next academic year regardless of their study progress this year (2019-2020). 

On the Honours Programme page you can find more information about the Honours Programme.