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On 7 October, Actuary Day, ASE associate professor Katrien Antonio was chosen Actuary of the Year by her peers and a jury of experts. Actuarial Practice Cycle (APC) student Iris Nonneman received the award for Actuarial Talent of the year.

Katrien Antonio is associate professor of Actuarial Science at the Amsterdam School of Economics and professor of Actuarial Science at KU Leuven. The jury referred to her leading position in the the scientific development of the field of actuarial science:

In the field of Life and Non-Life insurance, her research contributes to improved mortality models and reserving and pricing techniques. Her work enriches traditional actuarial teachings with insights from Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Actuarial Talent of the Year

Actuarial Talent of the Year Iris Nonneman is a Quantitative Consulting Associate at PwC. Her impressive contribution to PHREND (Predicitive Healthcare with Real-world Evidence for Neurological Disorders) was the deciding factor in her selection as recipient of this award. PHREND is a model that helps physicians quickly prescribe the correct and most effective medication for MS patients.