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Last year, the Executive Board ordered the construction of a flexible education building on the Roeterseiland Campus that could seat between 300 and 1,000 people. The faculties located on the Roeterseiland Campus had lobbied for a new building due to the strong rise in student numbers over the past five years.

The permit application for construction to begin has now been under way for some time. In view of the rapid increase in building costs, however, the REC steering committee (comprised of the deans of the FEB, FMG and FdR) has made a recommendation to explore options for a more straightforward design alongside the original design. This is not to say that the original design has been discarded. After comparing the two designs, the steering committee will advise the Executive Board on how to proceed.

Other UvA building projects will also be re-evaluated if the need arises. The Executive Board's message in this respect is clear: we will build to meet research and teaching requirements, but not at the expense of research and teaching at the UvA.

A final decision on the construction design is expected to be taken before the summer.

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