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Find your way and see where it’s busy in the UvA buildings. You can do all this at

Do you want to book a project room? Are you looking for an available study place? Or trying to find the nearest printer or coffee corner? Students and staff can book project rooms and find their way in the UvA buildings using (new window). What's more, Spacefinder also shows which areas in the building are busy and which are quiet.

How does it work?

  • Go to (new window) Please note: are you still using the link This will also continue to work as usual).
  • Select the building. Click on the room where you want to go. You can do so directly on the map or in the menu; for example, choose Education places, project rooms. Select the room and click on Show the route. You can choose here between a route with or without stairs. The route will always begin at the entrance to the building.
  • If you are looking for a printer or other facilities, go to the menu and click on Facilities. Here you can also find details on food and drinks and the location of toilets.

More information is also available in the A–Z list for your degree programme under the heading Room booking and finding a study place at the UvA

Where is it quiet or busy? Check the heat map

In addition to finding the way, you can also see how busy or quiet it is in the buildings using the so-called heat map. This feature is only available in the desktop version of your browser, so you can only view it on your mobile phone if you are using the desktop version of the page. The heat map will be available for the mobile version in the future.

  • Go to (new window).
  • Click on the page of the relevant building.
  • Click on the left to select a floor.
  • Click on the Occupancy icon on the bottom left of the screen. The activity level will be indicated by colour: red is busy, blue is quiet.

Mapiq preferred browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Faculty of Science touch table

On the first floor of Science Park 904, in the central hall, you will find a Spacefinder kiosk: a PC with a tabletop touch screen on which the application is constantly running. Here you can access a 3D overview of the building and see how busy the different areas are. You must use your own device if you would like to book a room, however, since it is not possible to log in at the kiosk.

Any questions?

Contact the Service Desk of Facility Services by calling +31 20 525 1403 or sending an email to