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In the city's busiest districts, parking rules for bicycles and scooters apply. You can only park in a bicycle rack, designated area or shed in these districts. If you leave your bicycle on the street, it may be removed. Scooter owners risk a fine.

These municipal rules also apply around the Roeterseiland Campus. Around 80% of cyclists and moped/scooter riders are now parking in the UvA's designated facilities or in the racks on the street, which is brilliant. However, we would also like to draw the attention of the other 20% to the municipal parking rules.

Why are there parking rules for bicycles and scooters in the first place?

Everyone in Amsterdam is aware that there is a huge amount of pressure on public spaces. This is a busy city and public spaces must remain clear. That's why it's important to park your bicycle in the right place: in a bicycle rack, designated area or shed. This keeps busy public spaces tidy and safe, and your bicycle or scooter safe as well.

Enforcement on Roetersstraat

Soon, the municipality of Amsterdam will designate clearly where you can or cannot park on Roetersstraat. The municipality will also be enforcing these rules in the future. Bicycles and scooters that are parked incorrectly will be removed by the municipality and taken to the municipal bicycle depot. You need to pay to get your bicycle back.

Don't let this happen to you! Do not park your bicycle, moped or scooter on the street or on the bridge; instead, place it in the bicycle storage facility beneath REC A (Roetersstraat entrance), next to REC E or in the designated sheds on the campus grounds. 

Please note: Bicycles found outside the racks on the campus will also be removed.

Help us make the campus a safer and more pleasant place and minimise inconvenience for the neighbourhood!

More information

More information about rules, enforcement and the bicycle depot can be found on the municipal website.