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On 17 July, following the approval of the Joint Meeting, the Executive Board finalised the Framework Letter 2019 which provides a general budgetary outline. The Framework Letter will serve as the basis for the UvA’s 2019 budget and the multi-year estimates for 2020-2022.

The framework letter marks the start of a new planning and control cycle (in Dutch). All organisational units of the UvA provide an indication of what they intend to achieve in the next year, what they will do to achieve it and how much money is needed. The framework letter sets down which external developments we expect to see and the financial constraints under which the plans will need to be achieved. It also gives guidelines and offers support to organisational units on drawing up their 2019 budgets, providing a first step towards achieving a balanced budget.

Dialogue with the academic community and the Joint Meeting

As usual, the academic community was given the opportunity to become acquainted with the draft framework letter and ask questions about it. This consultation period was from 5 to 19 June. Then, on 29 June, the Executive Board and the Joint Meeting held discussions on the framework letter which included an explanation of the document and provided answers to questions posed by the Joint Meeting.

An overview of the questions from the representative advisory bodies, together with the answers from the UvA. (in Dutch)

Budget schedule 2019

Over the coming months, the UvA's faculties and units will work on their draft budgets. These will be combined to produce a UvA-wide draft budget which will be adopted by the Executive Board. This draft budget will provide the basis for discussions with the deans on the final budget which is scheduled to be approved by the end of the year. This will take place after the Joint Meeting has issued its advice on the draft UvA budget.

Further information on the stages between the framework letter and the final budget (in Dutch)