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The UvA wants to invest in a new building at Amsterdam Science Park where education, research and collaboration with the business community, knowledge institutions and social partners all come together in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The City of Amsterdam will be providing a grant of €4 million.

Because of the increase in students, staff, PhD candidates and new partnerships, the existing building at Science Park 904 is no longer large enough to house the entire Faculty of Science. Various temporary solutions are currently being implemented to accommodate this growth. For a better and more definitive solution, the possibility of erecting a new building alongside SP 904 is now being explored. The UvA aims to combine the need for a new location for the Faculty of Science with the desire to collaborate more intensively with the business community and social partners in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The initiative will also offer opportunities to promote collaboration between the faculties in this area.

Focus and collaboration on Artificial Intelligence

Geert ten Dam, president of the UvA's Executive Board: ‘Amsterdam is widely recognised both in the Netherlands and abroad for its leading scientific expertise in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In recent years we have established excellent partnerships with, among others, Bosch in the Deltalab and Qualcomm in the QUVA lab. In this new building we can create more of these types of partnerships in order to tackle the technological and social challenges of AI. The use of AI additionally offers numerous opportunities for issues relating to health care, safety and sustainability. Because AI also has major legal, ethical and cultural implications, the UvA as a comprehensive institution is ideally equipped to research these aspects from various disciplinary perspectives.’

Contribution from the City of Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam is contributing €4 million to the initiative. Alderman for Education Simone Kukenheim: ‘Amsterdam Science Park is a leading centre for scientific research and education. By establishing an Artificial Intelligence hub, the City of Amsterdam and the UvA will strengthen Amsterdam’s knowledge economy as well as the position of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Science Park as one of Europe's most important centres for science education and research.’

Time frame

The new building will feature lecture rooms, study places, research facilities, workstations, and spaces for collaboration on AI with other UvA disciplines and external parties. With appealing facilities that encourage interaction, knowledge sharing and cross-pollination between scientists, students, the business sector and social partners, a unique ecosystem in the field of AI will emerge. The aim is to start using the building at Amsterdam Science Park in early 2021. Those involved hope to make a decision regarding the financial feasibility of this new building before the summer.