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The Amarna foundation makes an amount of €5,000 availble for the organisation of an event by and for students. This could for example be a lecture, debate, theater play, concert or exhibition.

Amarna has supported many projects since 1975 by and for UvA students. This is the last chance for UvA students to receive a financial contribution from the Amarna Foundation.

Submit the proposal before 31 May 2018

Until 31 May 2018, a Dutch-language proposal can be submitted by emailing a budget plan to Add the CVs of the organisers and, if applicable, a description of the organisation.

Please note: English-language proposals cannot be processed.


The board of Amarna decides which proposal the amount of €5,000 will be awarded to. The board applies the following criteria:

  • Organisation by Amsterdam students
  • Reach of a large number of Amsterdam students
  • Social relevance
  • Feasibility

Amarna will be the main sponsor of the event and the name Amarna will be mentioned in all communications.