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UvA panel

Want to pitch your ideas and discuss plans with the University of Amsterdam? Then sign up to join the UvA panel. By taking part in the panel, you can share your ideas, needs and opinions about various topics with us. We value your feedback!

How does it work?

All students are eligible to join. If you sign up for the panel, you will receive five invitations per year to either give your input on a statement or proposition, or to fill out an online survey about your ideas, needs and opinions on topics like UvA information services and facilities. Participation is always voluntary, so you can decide for yourself whether you want to provide input on the particular survey topic. For every survey we are organising a price draw.

How will the UvA use the results?

Feedback from the panel will give the UvA insight into the ideas, needs and opinions of students and staff, which can be used to define concrete steps to improve services and facilities. All panel participants will be informed about the results and concrete changes and measures made based on these results.

The UvA panel and other instruments

The UvA panel is an independent instrument that supplements tools and bodies such as teaching evaluations, the programme committees and the student representative advisory bodies. The panel will also enable the UvA to examine topics highlighted in the National Student Survey in greater detail. For this reason, the UvA also encourages all students to evaluate their degree programme in the National Student Survey.

More information

For additional information about the surveys and point system, see the UvA panel website.