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What are the consequences of terminating enrolment?

After you have terminated your enrolment, you will receive a letter from the Central Student Administration confirming your termination of enrolment.

What are you no longer entitled to?

After your last day of enrolment:

  • You may no longer make use of the UvA's educational facilities.
  • You may no longer have any achieved credits registered. Only completed credits where the exam date equals or precedes the date of termination of enrolment can still be registered.
  • You can no longer submit applications for a certificate.
  • You are no longer entitled to student grants and loans or a student public transport pass (if this enrolment is your only enrolment to a research university or university of applied sciences).
  • If you have Dutch residency on the basis of studying at the University of Amsterdam, the UvA is required by law to inform the IND of the termination of your enrolment. The IND will proceed to stop your residence permit. If you have graduated and wish to stay longer in the Netherlands, you can apply for a search year permit.
  • For loans or scholarships other than those disbursed by DUO, please contact the scholarship-granting organisation if you have any questions about how termination of your enrolment may affect your student loan or scholarship.
  • You can no longer study at another institution with a Proof of Payment that was issued by the UvA.