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The government has announced a number of measures to tighten the coronavirus lockdown, including a curfew from 21:00 as of Saturday 23 January. All activities should be stopped at least an hour before the start of the curfew. Below, you can read more about how these measures will impact the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Travel for examinations: exemption from curfew

Students who have to be out during curfew hours because they have sat an examination will be exempt from the curfew. All students will however require a written statement to prove this, which they can obtain from the UvA. In addition, you will have to complete a personal statement, which you can download here. As a student, it is your own responsibility to be able to show a statement.

Over the upcoming examination week, no examinations that require students to be out during curfew hours have been scheduled.

Opening times

Most UvA buildings already had revised closing times that do not conflict with the new curfew. For the latest opening times, keep an eye on the FAQs on ‘Buildings and facilities’.

Education and study places

Education that has been allowed to take place on campus since the start of the lockdown (i.e. examinations, practical education and supervision of vulnerable students) can continue but only until the closing time of the building concerned. Study places will also remain available until the building closes.

Employees and the curfew

Employees who have to travel during curfew hours will require an Employer’s Curfew Statement and a Personal Curfew Statement.

Practical education & supervision

Practical education (including projects and BSc/MSc thesis work) and supervision of vulnerable students will not be exempt from the curfew. Practical education that takes place during early evening must finish early enough to allow everyone to get home before the curfew starts, taking into account the closing time of the building concerned.


Research that has to be conducted on-site was already permitted with the consent of a manager and this will continue to be the case. Where research has to take place late evening (24/7), following consultation with the Director of Operational Management, the manager may consider making an exception and issuing an Employer’s Statement for this purpose.